Glamorous Green Hairstyle Ideas

Glamorous Green Hairstyle Ideas

green hair


Green hair is all the rage right now for fans of unusual hair colors partially because it's simply awesome, but also thanks to Billie Eilish representing with lime green roots at the Grammy Awards. If you're looking for a new hair color in time for St. Patrick's Day, we think green hair is the obvious choice!

Neon Green Under lights

With this color scheme, the Sorting Hat would barely touch your head before yelling out: "SLYTHERIN!" Rock the colors of your favorite Hogwarts House with these sneaky lime under lights.

Lime Frost

Frost your tips with a bright neon shade for an Instagram-worthy update to your curls.

Bright Green All-Over

For a bold start to the list, I offer up this gorgeous lime green all-over color. For a color like this to show up exactly like this on your hair, I highly recommend lightening up to a level 8 or higher. For a tutorial on lightening your hair. I really like to use Ion Color Brilliance Bright White Creme Lightener and 20 volume developer when lightening my hair.

Once you have gotten your hair to the appropriate shade of blonde, you can achieve this color green with a couple of different hair colors. My number one pick to achieve this color would be Pravana Chromasilk Vivid in Neon Green. You can also try Manic Panic in Electric Lizard mixed with a little bit of Green Envy.

The easiest way to apply this one would be to section your hair, and apply the product with gloved hands. When using semi- or demi- permanent dyes, the longer you leave the product in, the better. Unlike permanent dyes, they don't have ammonia or other things that can damage your hair so it's totally okay to leave them in for a little longer. I recommend 45 minutes to an hour for this shade of green.

Emerald Green All Over

Hands down, this is my number one favourite colour in the world and when you put it on hair it just becomes that much more magical. Your hair doesn't need to be super blonde, I would say level 7 or higher, in order to execute this look - but I will say that you should remove as much orange as you can before applying, otherwise it might look a little funky. To remove brassiness, you may consider using a purple shampoo or a toner prior to dying.

As far as hair dyes that you could use to get this color of green - there are a couple on the market. One N Only Argan Oil Dye in Emerald Green, which I've used before and love, or Lime Crime Jello would be great colors to use for this. You may need to purchase multiple tubes if your hair is as long and thick as in the picture - typically when I dye my hair I need two to three tubes to cover it all!

The best way to apply this dye would be to section your hair and apply it with a gloved hand. To get all the way to your roots, use a tint brush. Leave the dye in for 30 minutes to an hour before washing out. To upkeep, mix green dye with colorless conditioner and let it sit in your hair for 20 minutes as a hair mask. Doing it this way will help keep your hair shiny and radiant and also keep the color from going dull.

Neon Green Hair Color Gradient

This is the kind of green hair color that will bring all eyes directly towards you. It’s a phenomenal hair dye gradient of warm green tones, starting with dark forest green at the roots, which gradually becomes lighter and lighter as lime at the mids and hot neon chartreuse at the ends. 

Ocean Weather Green Hair

This marvelous green hair color creation truly reminds us of the ocean. The dark blue at the top is like the ocean depths, while the seafoam and mint green shades at the ends remind us of the waves and surf. A thread of Lavender hair through the mids is a few gray storm clouds adding a complex, foreboding touch.

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