14 Effective Home Remedies for Dark Lips

Organic dark lips are the most attractive quality of a woman’s beauty because it looks glorious. But thanks to absolute truth, pink lips turn darker, and therefore people want to lighten it up.

Some common causes of dark lips include excessive exposure to sunlight, hypersensitive exposure and low-quality makeup, cigarette use, smoking and drinking, hormonal imbalances.

There are several tactics to lighten up your lips, but therefore, you are going to need high priced cosmetic services and products that take you towards the higher chance of ailments and side consequences.

Sometimes it contributes to the diseases since those substances contain damaging chemicals; you could never know how they will react on the skin as a result of its use. In spite of using those products, you must try elements to acquire your back lips as the natural ingredients will never give you side effects as these are free of charge from compounds. Here are some of those remedies provided below remedies for dark  lips.

Home Remedies to  get Rid of Dark Lips


Lemon is popularly known as the bleaching agent and used in the treatment of dark patches and stains. You can use it upon your lips to lighten up it.

Squeeze a lemon and employ on your lips until sleeping at night time Stick to this cure for two weeks, at least.

Take a slice of lemon and sprinkle a little sugar on your lips. It will help you can feel fresh by only taking away the useless skin levels.

The other choice is to organize a mix with carrot tsp of lemon juice, glycerin, and honey, make a paste, and apply this on your lips. To cure do this process daily.


Rose is essential as it has three medicinal attributes: cooling, soothing, and moisturizing. Rose employed as an all lip color that can make your lips naturally pink.

Combine only drop of increased water with few drops of honey then employ this paste onto your lips. Repeat this to 3 times per day.

Get a mixture with a single tbsp of increased petal and one tsp of butter, honey, or milk cream. Apply it upon your lips and then wash on.

One more thing you’ll be able to do is to boil few improved petals in raw-milk for about an hour, grind the mixture to generate a paste add one teaspoon of honey, and a pinch of saffron for it.

Apply this mixture paste on your lips and leave it for 15 minutes. Do this remedy two times a day.


Sugar has a natural exfoliating land that gets rid of the dead skin cells from one’s lips that are dark.

Make a paste of a 3 tbsp of granulated sugar and 2 tbsp of butter, now scrub your lips with this glue. Do it once a week to restore your natural color.

You might also make a mix with one tsp of sugar-free sugar, one teaspoon of honey along with one-half tsp of coconut oil.

Make use of this wash in your lips once every week. As an alternative, you can also use some sugar-free cold cream to wash your lips until sleeping at night time. Do this remedy one time each week.


Cucumber works being a skin exfoliating agent which is likely to make your lips lighter and rosy. You need to rub on a slice of cucumber so that your lips may consume the juice. Repeat this for 5 minutes every day.


Honey works as an organic moisturizing agent that which helps in soften up your lips and revive its regular pink colouring

Apply honey on your lips before you go to bed and then leave it for instantly. Wash it off within the morning using lukewarm water.

Do so remedy daily to create your lips pink.

Instead, mix one-half teaspoon of every honey and gram flour to make a paste. Apply this mixture paste onto your lips, rinse it off and trace it once.


According to a 2010 study, turmeric can act as a melanin inhibitor. Mix in a small bowl:

a tablespoon of milk

Enough turmeric powder to make an ointment

Rub the area on your lips with moist fingertips. Leave it in place for about five minutes before rinsing gently with cold water. After drying the lips, apply your favorite moisturizer.


A 2005 study found that pomegranate extracts reduce skin hyperpigmentation. To do this, add the following to a paste:

Take 1 Tbsp Pomegranate seeds, rose water, Fresh Dairy Cream and make a paste

Gently massage this paste on for three minutes, then rub your lips with cold water. Repeat every day.


In a small bowl, mix 1 tbsp of fresh dairy cream and lots of almond powder. Massage this paste on your lips for three to five minutes. Let dry for about five minutes. Rub your lips with lukewarm water. Repeat this process daily.


Beat the beetroot with a food processor or blender. Twice a week, apply beet paste on your lips. Let stand 5 to 10 minutes, then rinse. If your lips are clean and dry, apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly.

Aloe Vera Gel

An Older research sources show that compounds in aloe vera inhibit melanin production. Apply a thin layer of aloe vera on the lips every day. Once dry, rinse with warm water.

Best Oil’s For Dark Lips

Coconut oil

Apply a very small amount of coconut oil to your fingerprint and apply it evenly on your lips. You can do this several times a day and even before going to bed at night.

Sesame oil

Apply sesame oil on your lips and leave it till it dries. You can remove the oil again as needed. You can do this 2-3 times a day.

Note: Sesame oil can cause allergic reactions on the skin in some people. Therefore, do a test test.

Almond oil

Massage a drop or almond oil on your lips every night before sleeping.

 Mustard oil.

Massage one to two drops of mustard oil on your lips once a day.

 Olive Oil

Olive oil is also suitable for lightening your dark lips. Olive oil contains the necessary nutrients to nourish your lips due to its moisturizing properties, making them soft and beautiful.

Massage your lips with extra virgin olive oil with gentle movements of your hands. Make this remedy daily before bedtime.

Optionally, make a mixture with a tablespoon and a half of sugar and a few drops of extra virgin olive oil. Rub your lips only once a week with this mixture.

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