Why Fashion Isn't Just About Clothes

Accessorizing is like the spice of any outfit. From a hat or a flowing headscarf to sunglasses or statement jewelry, accessories help complete your outfit;  the general rule, therefore, is to spend a quarter of your wardrobe budget on them. 

Shopping from Baltini, however, can help you accessorize for less.   Elegant and sophisticated accessories from our unique partner boutiques across Italy offer a stylish touch up within reach.  Browse our selection and accessorize for up to 35% less than market prices.

If you find Baltini’ s extensive selection of bespoke accessories overwhelming, remember that accessorizing sometimes feels complicated for even the most fashion-forward of women, especially when you're mixing and matching.

That's because there's so much conflicting advice when it comes to accessories. Coco Chanel, the most elegant woman, ever known, said famously that you should look in the mirror and take one thing off before leaving the house. However, even this sage advice might not stop you from getting it wrong. So, here are our tips to help you get it right.

Always Accessorize

Accessories are for every day, not just special ones, so no outfit is ever complete without them. Accessories should be worn every day to ensure you always feel as confident and stylish as possible. Regardless of your plans or your routine, always add at least one accessory minimum to every outfit. Even if you're just wearing denim with a plain white tee, you can still top it off with a pair of chunky shoes and a minimal statement necklace to create a complete look.

Less Is More

Too much bling can look over the top, so less is always more when it comes to accessories. If you think it seems too much, it more than likely is. Layering bracelets and necklaces can look super chic, but it doesn't always work. So, if you're unsure, it's still best to keep things simple. The fool-proof way to accessorize every day is with minimalist jewelry or a little strappy bag for a subtle look that amps up your style quota. Baltini strongly advocates that less is more; our exclusive accessories from the finest Italian boutiques make a statement without being too loud.  

Complement, Not Compete

Never choose accessories that seem to compete with the rest of your outfit. If you're already wearing something with texture and detail, you shouldn't go adding a distracting pair of shoes or some loud, heavy jewelry. Instead, try adding a small ring or rose gold colored chains layered with a geometric design. A slim belt or simple shoulder bag will give your outfit an exciting element that works wonders without acting like distractions. Complimenting your outfit with your accessories will help create a look that almost seems like you've walked straight off the runway.  Baltini’s accessories line is subtle, unique, and eye-catching, complementing and not competing with your outfit.

Statement Jewelry

Necklaces are always the perfect accessory because you can pair one with any outfit and wear it in any social situation. But it is super important that when you're choosing a necklace for your outfit, you always pay attention to your shirt or dress’s neckline. Your jewelry's pattern and color should also be synced with your outfit, just like you should select the right earrings for your hairstyle and face shape.  Baltini platform gives you access to more than 100 international brands across Italy and 50 000 luxury items so that you can find the necklace that perfectly suits your neckline for a match made in heaven.

Shoes, Belts, & Bags… Oh My!

Remember that it's not all about jewelry. A quirky little dazzling or a color-blocked bag can go a long way to adding a metric ton of glamor to any look, as can the right pair of shoes in bright solid colors or metallics. An attention-grabbing, chunky belt can not only take your basic look from a 5 to an 11, but it can also show off a slim waist or accentuate some curves. 

Accessories and all that Jazz!

For a seamless shopping experience and all that Jazz, choose Baltini. Sparkle and shine in our unique accessorize collection and enjoy Italy’s finest from the comfort of your living room, at 40% off the regular market price. We accept payment by Klarna (payment installment) and guarantee fast international shipping because sometimes, you just can’t wait that long to spice up your clothes collection.


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