Younique Continues Dedication to Cruelty-Free Cosmetics


Animal testing has no place in the beauty industry — and will never have a place at Younique.

Utah-based direct beauty sales company Younique was founded with a mission to uplift, empower, and validate women all over the world. Nine years after its launch, it remains steadfast in its mission, a mission that never has and never will include animal testing and will always promote cruelty-free beauty products.

The Harsh Reality of Animal Testing

Younique is aware of animal testing’s history in the cosmetics industry and the longstanding horrific practices against innocent animals.

No cosmetic product is worth harming an animal. No beauty company should make animal testing part of its business plan and practice.

Younique was founded to make a positive difference in the lives of women worldwide. That will never come at the expense of the lives of helpless animals.

Animals continue to suffer daily from imaginable pain — and even death — during testing of substances used in cosmetics and a range of other beauty products. Ingredients are forced down animals' throats, and then animals are checked to see if there are hazardous effects, such as cancer months down the line.

Products are smeared onto the skin over and over again, leading to painful burns. Ingredients are dripped into animals' eyes to see if they cause irritation. The animals involved in cosmetics testing are not given any medication or other forms of pain relief as they endure these tests.

And, sometimes, ingredients are fed to animals just to see how much they can consume before they reach lethal levels. Much of the time, even after minimal testing, animals are killed once all the testing is done. A recent report found that more than half a million animals are harmed in this way just to test cosmetics.

 A New Path

Additionally, there are numerous alternatives to animal testing available for cosmetic companies who, like Younique, prioritize the ethical treatment of animals.

Many of these approaches include highly accurate computer models or experiments using human cells. These have been found to yield more precise, reliable results in comparison to animal testing. According to the Humane Society, there are about 50 tests available that do not involve animals in any way, and more are being developed every day.

Younique does not test its products on animals and stresses that neither do its manufacturers. Such cruel practices are an affront to the principles Younique was founded on and that continue to guide its business. 

Much of Younique’s success is thanks to its dedicated presenters. They not only know the quality and value of Younique’s beauty products inside and out but subscribe to its cruelty-free testing policies.


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