4 Y2K Hairstyles to Rock at Fall Music Festivals


While summer is a great time to catch your favorite artists at a music festival, there’s just something special about the fall festival circuit. The music is awesome, the weather isn’t too hot and it’s a great way to sneak in a vacation or long weekend between the end of summer and the holiday season. It’s simply an experience unlike any other.

Most importantly, however, is the world of festival style! In addition to fun hair and makeup, festival style includes the bold and fun outfits and accessories many people wear to music festivals. From full-on costumes and daring disguises to more effortless festival looks, music festival style is something to anticipate. Here are a few Y2K-inspired hairstyles to rock with your showstopping outfits at a music festival this fall!

  1. High Pigtails: A set of twin ponytails is reminiscent of bubblegum pop music videos, feather fluff pens and babydoll tops. Revisit this unforgettable Y2K trend at a fall music festival by rocking pigtails on top of your head! This style is perfect for fun, feminine festival looks and requires minimal work. Plus, a few texture hair products and some dry shampoo can help make this look work on second- or even third-day hair. Don’t forget to accessorize with colorful hair bands, scrunchies and more!

  1. Face Framing Updo: Channel your inner diva and go for this sassy Y2K hairstyle at your next music festival! A face framing updo is a hairstyle that features a twist, bun or ponytail in the back with two sections of hair loose in the front. The hair that is left out of the updo frames the face closely and creates an edgy, sleek look. 

To get this look, part your hair in the middle and choose how you will pull your hair back. You can’t go wrong with a spiky bun or voluminous ponytail! Before you secure the hair back, use a comb to section off a little less than an inch of hair from each side of your head, making sure to only gather the hair that is closest to the face. This look works wonderfully if you have short layers or long side bangs, but you can always rock your longer strands on the side as well. Pull the rest of the hair back into an updo and secure the sides with a spritz of professional hairspray to keep them in place all night long. 

  1. Bubble Ponytail: If you’re going for a funky or whimsical look, try a bubble ponytail! This hairstyle works best on long hair, but modified versions of the look can also be executed on medium-length hair. If you really love this look but your hair is too short, consider bringing a clip-in ponytail extension with you to the festival! Thankfully, this hairstyle won’t take up too much of your time. It’s rather quick and doesn’t involve a whole lot of expertise. If you’re unsure or haven’t tried anything like this before, consider a home trial run before the festival. 

Start by brushing through the hair until it’s super smooth and then apply a dollop of serum to keep everything sleek and free of frizz. Secure a ponytail on top of your head with an elastic. The higher your ponytail, the better! Next, secure another elastic a couple of inches down from the first. Once it’s nice and tight, begin pulling the hair between the two elastics until a round “bubble” shape begins to form. Repeat this step all the way down the hair until you have created a line of bubbles! 

4.Bright Strands: Go big or go home, right? Sometimes a fun event simply calls for a change in hair color. It’s no secret that wigs and bright hair extensions are popular at music festivals, but if you want to keep the same festival energy going long past the last set, then you should consider heading to the salon for a professional hair color appointment! 

Before you make an impulse decision, make sure your chosen color is something you actually want to see in your hair for the foreseeable future. In true Y2K spirit, you might go for all-over color in a fiery red or blueish black. There are also many Y2K-inspired color trends that don’t involve coloring every strand. If this sounds like a better option for you, go for a few pink streaks, bright-colored ends or something similar. 

The best part about choosing a Y2K hairstyle for a music festival is that you can totally put your own spin on a well-known look. Get creative, have fun and make one of these Y2K hairstyles part of your music festival experience this fall!

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