7 Tips for Looking Perfectly Put Together

Looking put together is about more than, well, just looking put together. When you look your best, you will feel it, too. It helps build confidence, and you’ll be ready to take on the world because you won’t be worrying about what you’re wearing or what you look like. It could be as simple as making sure you eat mindfully throughout the day or getting brand-new jeans that fit you just right. Get ready to rock the day when you use any of these seven tips for looking perfectly put together.

1.Know How to Apply Makeup — Anyone can feel more confident when they wear makeup, but it’s important to know how to take care of your skin outside of makeup and how to apply makeup correctly. Take care of your skin by washing your face daily, exfoliating a few times every week, and moisturizing every day as well. Makeup, like mascara and lipstick, are considered the accessories of your face. Address the main outfit of your face, AKA your skincare routine, and everything else will be to add a pop of color to your look or to brighten your overall appearance.

2.Brush Your Hair — It seems simple, but you won’t believe how much better you’ll look just by brushing your hair every day. Before you go out for the day, be sure to brush your hair, whether you’re leaving it down or doing an updo. When you brush your hair, especially starting at the top of your roots, you’re helping healthy hair growth and removing any old hairs from your head as well. You’ll look beautifully polished in no time just by taking care of your skin and brushing your hair!


3.It’s All About Clothing Fit — Now, let’s talk about your outfit and how your clothes should fit. The right kind of clothing fit is one of the most important tips you can take away from this list. When clothing doesn’t fit you right, whether it’s a top or a pair of jeans, it can detract from how fabulous you really look. You don’t want clothes to be so baggy on you that it completely disregards your natural frame, and you don’t want clothes that are too tight, either, that you feel uncomfortable and restricted. From skirts to jeans, get women’s bottoms that you’ll love wearing all day long, like a skirt that isn’t too short but falls right at or just above your knees or a pair of jeans that doesn’t cinch your stomach or hips but fits you snugly in all the right places.


4.Get Something Cute for Yourself — One way to really refresh your look is by getting something new and cute for yourself. The trick to getting a brand new piece of clothing is to get something like cute women’s tops and blouses that you not only like looking at, but you’ll actually enjoy wearing because they’re comfortable and stylish. Get tops made out of cozy materials that you’ll feel like you can live in all year long. You won’t have to worry about feeling itchy or awkward when you’re wearing something that you truly love and is totally you!


5.Spritz Some Perfume — Once you’ve figured out the outfit you want to wear or have an idea of what kind of outfits you’d like to wear, polish off your overall vibe by spritzing some perfume. The thing about perfume is while you want to smell nice, it’s not really about other people smelling your perfume. If you walk into a room and people turn your way because they can smell your perfume, you know it’s too much. Spritz some perfume on delicate points of your body, like your inner wrists on your neck, and one or two quick sprays of your perfume bottle will do. Anything more than that will be too overwhelming to you and anyone else within a few feet of you.

6.Keep It Simple — If you’re thinking about sprucing up your current wardrobe with some new cute women’s clothing, here’s a pro tip to look perfectly put together in your new clothes. You can keep it simple in terms of color schemes, patterns, and overall vibe. Minimalism is in and here to stay, and just because your outfit looks and feels simple doesn’t mean that it isn’t polished. Having a simple look is a coordinated one, such as matching colors or a matching set, and elegant yet understated accessories like stud earrings or one gold ring is one way to keep it simple but offer a sophisticated everyday look.


7.Add Layers — According to WhoWhatWear, what better way to add dimension to your look than by adding on a layer? It doesn’t have to be complicated to give your outfit a different look and feel. You can wear an open button-down over your plain white t-shirt. Try giving your ensemble a preppy feel by tying a neutral-toned ribbed knit sweater loosely around your neck. Add a layer or two to your outfits, like a mid-layer and a puffy outerwear jacket, and you’ll see how much of a game-changer adding on layers can be.

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