Why Men Love Athleisure Clothing

The rise of athleisure clothing in recent years has been extraordinary. Although the roots of athletic wear can be traced back to the 1970s, its popularity has been a mainstay throughout the last 40 years, unlike other clothing trends that have come and gone in that time frame.

Men and women everywhere appreciate good athleisure clothing. It is equally popular with both genders, but let’s take a look at why athleisure is so popular with men - and why it is such a good choice to start buying some if you have reservations. 

Men Love Athleisure Because it’s Comfortable

Substance over style. That’s the golden rule of casual clothing and it’s not surprising why men love fitness clothing so much - because it’s so damn comfortable. It’s also low maintenance as well - fitness clothing is durable and doesn’t require constant ironing or washing like other outfits do. Athleisure is perfect to wear on long car journeys or long-haul flights because it’s not restricting and allows for freer movement, especially in confined spaces. It’s becoming more and more acceptable to wear athleisure to parties and other social gatherings, too. As technology has improved, the quality and aesthetics of fitness outfits have skyrocketed, meaning that men can now look stylish whilst also retaining the comfort and minimal fuss of athleisure clothing. 

Men Love Athleisure Because it’s Always Adapting

The mens athleisure market is exciting. There’s never a dull day in the world of fitness clothing as more and more garments hit the shelves every single day. The customer remains excited and eager for more and more clothing - there’s always room for a new pair of shorts, trainers, or tops, and the market satisfies that need. Men love athleisure because it is always at the forefront of their needs, and the sense of urgency and excitement generated by the market keeps them always wanting more. 

Men Love the Statement Made by Athleisure Clothing

Mens athleisure is a statement. It’s telling the world that you enjoy taking care of yourself and want to look good doing it. With the rise of social media fitness gurus, it’s never been more important to men that they remain in good shape. Fitness has never been so popular and mainstream - and, thanks to Instagram, never has it been so visible. 

Men want to be seen as stylish and in shape -  a healthy lifestyle is perfectly encapsulated by the presence of athleisure clothing.

Celebrity Endorsement Has Influenced Men 

The rise of social media has not only given us a platform, but it’s given our heroes one as well. Celebrities such as Dwayne Johnson and Hugh Jackman are admired by men everywhere - and both of those guys have an impressive athleisure collection. Thanks to their influence, men everywhere have become enamored with athleisure and want to be seen as similar to their heroes. Celebrities often display healthy lifestyles which their followers also begin to undertake. The positive influence of celebrities has influenced men’s love affair with athleisure significantly.

And, finally….

Men Love Athleisure Because It’s Here to Stay

This could be the golden age of mens athleisure clothing - but its popularity will never wane in size. The amount of innovation on display in the industry is extraordinary and it shows no signs of slowing down. Athleisure has started to transcend fitness and is even prominent in our offices, universities, cinemas, and cafes. Its versatility is endless and it can be worn whatever the weather or time of year. It’s also a statement to the world that you take pride in your fitness. With new pieces of clothing being released every single day, it goes without saying that men's love affair with athleisure is a lot more than a mere flash in the pan.


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