5 Vintage Jewelry Trends That Are Back in Style

Jewelry trends, much like fashion trends, come and go with the changing of the seasons. However, also like fashion trends, jewelry trends tend to come back around and experience a resurgence in popularity every few decades or so. Whether you love the look of bygone eras or are just looking for some inspiration for your current jewelry wardrobe, plenty of former trends are back in style. You may be surprised to discover that some of your favorite looks from high school are “in” again.


Shopping for authentic vintage jewelry is tricky. You have to be careful to avoid getting a fake, damaged or poor quality piece. And without dedicating a lot of time to research, you will likely have a hard time distinguishing between awesome vintage pieces and not-so-great ones. If you want to rock the latest vintage trends without becoming a jewelry expert, modern remakes of classic designs are the way to go. With so many vintage trends resurfacing, there are lots of options to choose from right now. From head-turning men’s gold plated chains to cocktail rings, keep reading to discover a few of the many vintage jewelry trends that are back in style.

1. Gold Chains

Yellow, white and rose gold chains never truly go out of style. They are having an especially big moment now, though. With options for every style and occasion, chains are must-have accessories for both men and women. Thin, dainty chains are always one of the top picks for women due to their sophistication and versatility. But right now, bold, blinged-out links are where it’s at, and it’s not just guys wearing these dope pieces. 

Thick chains with heavy links are perfect for showcasing a custom diamond pendant, but they’re equally stylish when worn alone or stacked. When you want some extra bling but don’t want to add a pendant, investing in an iced-out chain is a great option. Who wouldn’t look awesome with a diamond-encrusted gold chain around their neck?!

2. Charms

These days, folks aren’t just looking for jewelry that looks great. They’re searching for stylish pieces that carry meaning. And when you are in the market for something trendy that’s totally “you,” you can never go wrong with charms. Whether worn on a gold chain as a necklace or added to a charm bracelet, they’re a perfect way to infuse your personality into your jewelry wardrobe. 

Authentic vintage charms — especially those that showcase zodiac signs or symbolize good luck, love, protection or prosperity — are in high demand at the moment and pretty tough to come by. However, thanks to the resurgence of this trend, plenty of modern jewelers have started producing vintage-inspired charms. There are all sorts of options to choose from, whether you’re shopping for yourself or someone else. They come in all price ranges, too, so you should have no trouble finding some that fit your budget. 

3. Hoop Earrings

Like gold chains, hoop earrings never go out of style. But right now, bold, ’70s-inspired hoops are extremely popular. Hip-hop style hoops are huge at the moment, too. In other words, now is the time to ditch those delicate, dainty hoops in favor of head-turning hoops that showcase your personality and tell a story. 

Whether you’re hitting the streets to chill with friends or heading to work, the right hoop earrings tie together any look. Yellow gold hoops are the most timeless, but white and rose gold are perfect for breathing some fresh life into an old trend. 

4. Cocktail Rings

As we navigate our post-COVID world and get to living mostly normal lives following months of lockdowns and restrictions, now is not the time to be subtle. After spending way too much time at home with no real need for jewelry and accessories, just about everyone is ready to step out in eye-catching accessories. Blingy cocktail rings are a perfect way to do just that! 

When it comes to cocktail rings, the bigger, the better! Showy gemstones with vibrant colors, unique settings and intricate carvings are all popular features of this over-the-top finger jewelry. Menswear-inspired rings for women are big right now, too. Visit virtually any vintage shop and you’ll find plenty of options from which to choose. There’s also an endless assortment of modern vintage-inspired rings that have all the “wow” factor without the challenges of tracking down the perfect vintage piece. 

5. Colorful, Whimsical Stones

Diamonds tend to get all the love, but they aren’t the only gemstone worth showing off. There are plenty of amazing colored gems, too. Inspired by the vibrant and whimsical styles of the 1960s, plenty of folks are swapping their subtle diamond pieces for colorful stones in unique settings. If you have a bright, glitzy aesthetic, this trend is the one for you. 

Colorful gems, like amethyst, aquamarine, citrine and peridot, are perfect for spring and summer, and you can find them in several jewelry styles. Necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and brooches featuring colored stones and interesting settings are in high demand, and they are an excellent way to show off your maximalist style. 


Now is an excellent time to upgrade your jewelry wardrobe if you love bold, unique designs. Today’s most popular vintage and vintage-inspired accessories are perfect for showing off your personality and making a big impression on everyone you meet. Clearly, now is not the time for subtle jewelry that helps you fade into the background. 

If you love the look of vintage jewelry but want a simpler shopping experience, vintage-inspired modern pieces are an excellent alternative. Shop from a trusted jeweler and your new jewelry will look just as incredible as an authentic vintage piece — often at a fraction of the cost. Whether you are planning for a special event or just looking for some unique new pieces to add to your everyday jewelry collection, you can’t go wrong shopping vintage trends that have come back in style.



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