5 Styles for Men

 Fashion is constantly changing, and it may seem impossible to keep up with the latest trends. Thank goodness for these go-to outfits that are already popular and have been for many years. These 5 styles for men are easy to wear and will always look good, no matter what year it is. So, what are these styles that will always work for you? Let's discuss them.

White Shirt, Blue Jeans

This look is extremely easy and basic. To pull this off, you will want to invest in a white t-shirt made from a high-quality cotton fabric to ensure that it will last you for a while and stay bright white. You should also go for slim fit blue jeans that don't have any rips or streaks. This simple outfit will look casual and stylish without putting in too much effort.


One trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere is athletic apparel for men. But can we really blame them? Athhletic leisure wear is so comfortable, but still be able to look stylish. There is even athletic wear that is made to look like business casual attire, what more could you want?


Fashion hats are super popular right now, but it is important to wear one the right way for it to work. You can't expect to throw on a hat with your white shirt and jeans and expect it to look like a fashion statement. Your outfit needs to be enhanced by a hat, not look like it was thrown on last minute before leaving the house.

Some of the most common hats are the fedora, the bowler hat, snapback, and what is known as the dad hat. The fedora has come a very long way through the years from a gangster hat in the 1920s to a hipster hat in the 2000s. Fedoras come in many shapes and sizes, but you should stick with neutral tones to go with any outfit.

The bowler hat is an incredibly iconic item of British style. It was made popular by actors like Charlie Chaplin and John Cleese. This felt hat is a favorite of any working class, but it is not recommended to wear the hat casually. It would be best worn at an event of high status. 

The snapback hat is a typical baseball hat that is usually worn backwards. The name of this hat comes from the adjustable fastener on the back of the hat. Similar to the snapback is the dad hat. This is a more relaxed version of a baseball hat that comes with a brim that is slightly curved.

Layering a Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are supposed to be outerwear, right? But you know what's even cooler than wearing a denim jacket outside your outfit? Wearing your denim jacket underneath another outer layer. If you own a denim jacket that is slim on you, you can wear it comfortably under another coat or jacket. You can wear a peacoat, or a sport coat, or even a puffer coat on top of your denim jacket.


Cardigans are a great way to stay stylish and warm during the fall and winter. The most popular types of cardigans are those with buttons or zippers.. Buttoned cardigans will generally give you more of a handsome, classic look. Cardigans will take you off the traditional path of a sweater while still giving the sleek look of a traditional sweater.

You can get cardigans in so many different fabrics, colors, styles, and patterns. This will allow you to pick a style that best fits your style. If you are comfortable with the cardigan you pick out, you will feel more confident and wear it better.


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