How To Make Dreams Reality With Custom Jewelry

Custom jewelry is quickly becoming a popular trend. As the ability to create one of a kind jewelry without getting a bachelor’s degree in the arts becomes more and more accessible, it’s no wonder that it is a popular alternative. Who doesn’t want to inject something personal into a wearable accessory that will last a lifetime. You would want it to reflect your own taste and be an example of the style you carry with you everywhere. 

When choosing an engagement ring, it is especially important for many couples to find custom fine jewelry that is reflective of their common likes and taste -- versus a generic band with little or no personality to be seen. 

One of the best and most rewarding mediums for personal customization is through creation of custom jewelry. Using the skill of artisans, custom jewelry is made of precious metals, using precious diamonds and gemstones. This makes it a significant investment to buy jewelry, both in terms of finance and of emotional expense. Investing in a special customized piece that represents the character, life story, and very unique preferences of the customer makes sense in terms of why custom is better. More and more retailers are realizing that this is the way to protect the hearts and the wallets of their clients..


At Noémie, our customizable collections are stylish and allow for personalization. Each piece is carefully hand chosen and crafted to provide our customers with the best possible array of choices from our collections. 

Beautiful and affordable

We offer the finest quality at the best price -- Guaranteed. Fill out our custom design form to begin your journey to a unique heirloom, for your family alone. We don’t stop at ring design, alone, we offer an entire line of beautiful jewelry - all customizable and made with the finest materials.


Jewelry is personal, and we want the heart of your collection to be built by us. We pride ourselves in our work, mixing a legacy of craftsmanship with new materials--reclaimed 18K gold, conflict-free stones, as well as lab-grown diamonds. Wherever  the road may take you, your Noémie jewels are designed to last you a lifetime, becoming tomorrow's heirlooms.


It is easier than ever to get your special someone a custom heirloom piece of jewelry that they will have forever. We offer financing, and we pride ourselves on providing a range of options for many budgets. We also offer gift cards. Each piece is presented in a beautiful gift box to make the moment more special.


What Makes Custom Jewelry Special?

By choosing custom, you’re turning your back on the cookie cutter manner that so many items are manufactured today. The use of repurposed gold, and the use of ethically sourced materials adds to that unique quality that is becoming harder to find all the time. Quality, hand worked craftsmanship is coupled with higher ideals in sourcing materials makes a tremendous difference in the end product. 


For someone to fashion every detail, custom jewelry design makes it a possibility to create a finished piece that will be as special as an individual personality. Jewelry is intended to be worn every day, so instead of buying a mass-produced or factory-made item, why not take the time to create something unique? Custom jewelry design means you're getting exactly what you want, and nothing less. You can get handmade and also superior quality to anything mass-produced by custom jewelry design. 


Choosing a typical, mass produced ring, which is purchased off-the-shelf, can quite often be made from low-quality materials, or with a stone that is not durable or of good quality. You should ensure that top-quality materials are used when building a custom ring. By choosing custom made, it is the best opportunity to break away from the mundane and create something unique, that you will always know you helped in the design of.

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