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 Yasmin Daji is a former model and beauty queen who was crowned as the third runner-up at Miss Universe 1966, held on 16 July 1966 at the Miami Beach at Florida, USA. She was crowned by previous year’s winner Margareta Arvidsson of Sweden at the end of the event. Among the 58 entrants for the contest, 15 were chosen for the placements from which she finished at position 4. She won the title at the age of 21. 

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 Early Life:

 She was born in 1947 in New York city. She moved to Delhi, India and entered Lady Hardinge medical college.

 She was studying medical science in Lady Hardinge Medical College (LHMC), New Delhi when she entered Femina Miss India pageant in 1966. She was crowned the eventual winner. She also won Miss Beautiful Smile sub-award at the said pageant.

 She represented india at Miss Universe 1966 pageant and was declared 3rd Runner Up

 After becoming Miss Universe 3rd runner up, she became a very prominent and well-known face in india. She was the face of the famous Lure cosmetics in India. She became one of the most beautiful women in the Indian modelling industry. She was also mentioned in the famous book Pride of India by Persis Khambatta.

Personal Life:

 After completing her reign as Miss India Universe and finishing her studies she returned to the United States and got married. She has two sons.

People also ask

 What was daji's greatest joy?

Daji's greatest joy was to hear people cry in physical torment. Once, she saw a farmer walking barefoot on ice and ordered his feet cut off so she could study them and figure out why they were so resistant to low temperatures.

What did daji do?

Daji liked animals so he built her a zoological Xanadu with several rare species of birds and animals. He also ordered artists to compose lewd music and choreograph bawdy dances to satisfy her musical taste. He gathered 3000 guests at one party to indulge in his "pond of alcohol" and "forest of meat".

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