Styles that you need in 2020

Fashion has evolved dramatically over the years, but with 2020, the revolution in the fashion industry is matchless. This year marks the fusion between new and old, both in eras and adaption of lifestyles. 

With the global crisis upon us, lives have changed and with that so have fashion trends. 2020 brings in a plethora of styles from forgotten eras back into fashion. From vintage to retro to chic academia looks, the style game has evolved stupendously in just this year. 

With the evolution of the style going on, accessories remain to be the common denominator. From bags and belts to masks and scarves, these essential accessories have become more crucial than ever for life in 2020. 

Here are the top styles in 2020 that you need to try out!

Premium leather bags

Owning a premium leather bag has become a must-have this season. Bags have been the main equipment carrier for all of us in the world of SOPs, so having a handy bag is all that you need to carry around your everyday essentials. 

Investing in Italian leather handbags will be a great decision in the long run. Premium quality leather is renowned for its potency and durability. A good quality leather handbag never runs out of style and investing in a sturdy bag is all you need to do this year to be in style. 

Now, don’t just stick to one size and one style. This is the time to experiment! This year has brought back bags of all lengths and sizes into fashion and now is your chance to grab one for yourself. Our top picks from the popular sizes include:

  • Belt bags: Yes, belt bags are a thing. They slide right in the loops of your pants and add this fun and adventurous look to your outfit. They’re incredibly handy and require minimal effort in their handling. 
  • Totes: Who doesn’t love a good tote bag? Besides, tote bags are the new fashion staples amongst the youth these days. Not only do toes carry every single thing you need, but they also add a fashionable element in your overall look. 
  • Backpacks: Backpacks are the most versatile style of bags, and you should definitely invest in one this season. From adventure trips to cute dates, backpacks are there for anything. 
  • Shoulder bags: The y2k rave has been all over this year, defining 2020 with a 2000 vibe. And shoulder bags are definitely in. They’re chic, smart and super cute, what more do you need?

Belt and waist accessories 

Belt and waist accessories were popular in the 90s, and they have made a major style comeback in 2020. They’re compact size, and easy accessibility has definitely made them a cult favorite. So, looping cute handy accessories around your waist will not only define your body type but make you look absolutely fab.

Bracelet pouches

You can tell that handy accessories are a thing for 2020 and the same goes for bracelet pouches. These wrap around your wrist pouches could not get any more stylish. Keep your essentials close to you and wear it like a piece of statement jewelry! 

Luxurious mask sets

The biggest 2020 essential is your mask. Cover your face and protect yourself with style by investing in luxury mask sets. With the new normal settling in, masks are compulsory in any setting. So, why not match them with your style?

Silk masks, printed masks, tie-dye masks, masks come in a wide variety nowadays and investing in one will definitely up your style game. 


Accessories are all the rave this year so hurry up and invest in premium quality accessories to make your fashionista shine!


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