Best Products for More Youthful Looking Skin

 It is only natural to think that as we age, it’s bound to show on our skin. One day, we could be facing the mirror and suddenly realize how much has changed and how old we already got.

Skin aging is not only caused by time itself; many people notice the signs earlier. It is influenced by many other factors and how we deal with our daily lives.

However, as the skincare industry has been continuously progressing, slowing the signs of aging is not at all impossible! Here are some of the best products you can include in your routine to achieve younger-looking skin.

Sun Protection

Sunscreens are, sadly, one of the most underrated skincare products. It’s a common misconception that you would only need sun protection when you go on trips, or if you don’t want to get tanned.

UV rays can cause photoaging or premature skin aging. It accelerates the visible changes in your skin such as sunspots, fine lines, and wrinkles. Just imagine how excessive sun exposure can damage your skin!

Remember to put on sunscreen daily, whether you are indoors or outdoors. Choose a broad-spectrum one, which protects you from both UVA (mainly responsible for photoaging) and UVB (can cause skin cancer) rays.

Choose a Gentle Cleanser

You want to feel thoroughly cleansed after a long day, so you might choose a facial wash that is fragrant and bubbly to make you feel refreshed. However, such cleansers are often harsh on your skin.

Using gentle cleansers, which are often low pH and fragrance-free, helps preserve your natural skin barrier and maintain skin balance. They would also not strip your skin off of its natural oils and leave it dry.

Collagen Supplements

Collagen is the most abundant protein in our bodies, but our ability to make them also declines as we age, starting in our mid-20s. Taking supplements boosts this production to help prevent skin from sagging and increase the skin’s elasticity.

Antioxidants and Cell Regulators

Antioxidant products are rich in vitamins B, C, and E which are proven to support the skin’s ability to repair itself, can help brighten the skin tone and even stimulate collagen production. Their skin tightening properties help the overall appearance of the skin.

Cell regulators include peptides and retinol, which also amps up collagen production and promotes skin firming. They also reduce inflammation and hyperpigmentation.

Face Masks

Using face masks at the end of your routine makes you feel extra pampered. Since you leave it on your face for quite some time, it ensures better absorption of the ingredients it contains. Choose masks that have antioxidants such as vitamin C as the main ingredient to induce optimal skin firming effect.

Of course, these products would only be fully effective if paired with a healthy lifestyle. Remember to always keep your body hydrated and moisturized, get enough sleep, and eat healthy foods as much as possible. Most importantly, try not to stress yourself out too much.

Now, give your skin lots of love and let the result speak for itself!

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